The primary challenge was to design and develop a new website for SE that not only provided a superior branding experience but also catered specifically to nurses and hospital staff. The goal was to create a dedicated section where these professionals could easily find job opportunities in hospitals where SE could facilitate their employment.

SE's Old website

Original Website Prior to Working with SPYCE


Approach & Execution

Beginning with an in-depth discovery phase, we immersed ourselves in Southern Evals' values, ethos, and objectives. Our strategy was rooted in understanding SE's passion for rural healthcare and their vision for the future.


Armed with insights from our discovery, we crafted a brand identity that seamlessly integrated SE’s ethos with cutting-edge design principles. Every touchpoint, from the revamped logo to the digital content strategy, was designed to not only elevate SE’s brand presence but also forge deeper connections with their audience.



The Website

The final website, Sevals.net, stands as a testament to our efforts. It not only offers a superior branding experience but also effectively caters to the target audience of nurses and hospital staff. The website clearly communicates SE's commitment to fostering organizational growth through its diverse services, ensuring quality outcomes and growth for healthcare organizations.

SE's New website

The feedback from the client and the target audience has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating the success of the project in meeting its objectives.

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Social Media Presence


Since implementing our strategies, Southern Evals experienced a noticeable surge in their online engagement. Their LinkedIn presence flourished, leading to increased industry recognition and fostering meaningful conversations around rural healthcare. Additionally, regular newsletters and monthly blogs provided a consistent touchpoint, solidifying their position as thought leaders in their domain.

Fluid Branding Across Platforms:

A hallmark of our collaboration was ensuring SE's branding remained consistent and fluid across all platforms. Whether a client interacted with SE through their website, social media, or received a newsletter, they encountered a unified brand voice and aesthetic. This cohesive approach not only bolstered SE's professional image but also provided a seamless user experience, further building trust and recognition in their community.