The Pentecostals of Alexandria, a church deeply rooted in Biblical truth and committed to making disciples, recognized the need for a digital platform that would effectively communicate their mission, services, and events. The challenge was to design a website that not only showcased their spiritual offerings but also emphasized their commitment to community growth, spiritual development, and the power of prayer.



Approach & Execution

To address the challenge, a comprehensive website was developed that emphasized the church's mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. The platform was designed to cater to various spiritual needs, from Sunday worship services to specialized groups focusing on spiritual growth, education, and connection.

The website offers a clear pathway for visitors to explore their options, with dedicated sections for services, ministries, and events. It also introduces the church's senior pastors, Gentry & Alexis Mangun, emphasizing their pivotal role in guiding the congregation. Special attention was given to features like "WHITE STEEPLE BOOKS & MUSIC" for those interested in purchasing study materials and media. Additionally, the site provides an avenue for individuals to submit prayer requests, underscoring the church's belief in the power of prayer.



The final website, poa.church, serves as a testament to The Pentecostals of Alexandria's commitment to spiritual growth and community development. It effectively communicates their services, from Sunday worship to specialized groups, and offers a supportive community for those looking to grow in their faith. The platform's success is evident in the engagement from the church community and the positive feedback from visitors.