Where We Began

The website of Elite Laundry Services was a common design in the early 2000s. Although it contained the information it needs to convey, the message could not translate past the outdated design. It only contained three web pages: the Home, Services, and Contact Us. 


The company's name was designed as plain text that doesn’t have a logo, much less branding. The Hero section of the Homepage was an image with overlay text that was quite unreadable.

Although the Services section was highlighted and had great images, it was underwhelming. The descriptions of the services are not enticing enough, and the buttons are too generic. Furthermore, the contact number was too small and could be easily ignored.  While the footer was not fully utilized.

Service Page

The Service page has a sidebar that contains the address and contact details of the business. Although it is a nice touch, it lacks in design and takes up too much space.

Aside from that, the Service page also contains an Overview of the Services. However, the content only aims to inform the reader about the services and doesn’t necessarily convince them why they should obtain their service. There is a call-to-action but it is not visible.

Contact Us Page

The Contact Us page contains a form where people can send their inquiries via email. However, the form requires a lot of information that can take time to fill out. Furthermore, the fields are listed vertically and consume too much space. Its design is too simple and does not invite individuals to send a message.

Since the website only has three web pages, there is nothing more for the visitors to explore. It can only take them at least 30 seconds to view everything the website has to offer. Thus, it doesn’t bring a nice and memorable user experience.

How We Fixed It

We, at Crafting Hand, ensure that Elite Laundry Services is getting an attention-grabbing website. We also make certain that the design is suited to their brand and has content copies that will turn their audience into clients.


In the case of Elite Laundry Services, we attached a logo to legitimize their brand. Aside from the top left part of the web page, we placed the logo in the footer and added a favicon.

On the top right portion of the webpage, we placed their contact number. We made sure it is visible and has a call-to-action to encourage visitors to make the call.

The navigation bar still contains the Service page and the Contact Us page. However, we linked the Homepage to the logo and added a Blog page. The Service Page navigation now has hidden menus. Each menu pertains to a web page dedicated to each type of client Elite Laundry Services caters to.


Each of the web pages is now longer and provides more content for visitors to delve into. The Homepage, in particular, looks elegant and is pleasing to the eyes with its greenish-blue color schemes.

The Hero section still has an image but with larger and readable text. Furthermore, the written content is well-delivered and uses words that convince the reader to get their services.

More texts are spread throughout the Homepage which has different font sizes, emphasizing the message they want to convey. Images are placed strategically to break the text into small chunks. This style makes the text more readable and interesting.

The Homepage also contains sections that describe the business and the service they provide. One section highlights what clients will get when they have them do their laundry for them. Each point also contains an image and feedback quotes from their clients.

Another section of the Homepage also introduces the kind of equipment, products, and skills they use to complete their services. The main page also indicated the steps clients have to take when they choose to work with them. They also highlighted how many clients they have now with a call-to-action below.

Service Page

The Service Page now has a main page and three other linked pages. All pages have the same Hero section layout as the Homepage. On the Main Service page, three buttons are linked to the other Service pages.

There is also a “How It Works” section where clients are given an idea of how the laundry service is done. Then, clients can also choose whether they can pick up their laundry or have it delivered.

As for the other Service pages, each of the pages is targeted to a particular type of clients such as Rental Companies, Event Venues + Churches + Hotels, and Caterers. All these pages have an integrated list of cloth that they can clean.

Contact Us Page

For the Contact Us page, we used a simplified form and compressed them into one section. We also included a welcoming and encouraging call-to-action to attract visitors to send a message.

This page also includes a Contact Information section where individuals can see the mailing address, contact number, and email. We also included the opening hours so they will know when to contact Elite Laundry Services. Also, we embedded Google Maps in the Our Location section so people can use this for directions.


The webpage footer has improved a lot. Apart from the business logo, the footer now has the address, contact details, and business hours of Elite Laundry Services. It also has a navigation bar which in addition to the Service page and Contact Us page, contains two more menus. These menus are linked to the Terms and Conditions page and the Privacy Policy page.

What More Can Be Done

The website of Elite Laundry Services has improved a lot compared to its old website. However, the website improvements have not ended yet. More can be done for the website now that it has more room for higher potential.

Online Scheduling and Transactions

Since the Main Service page has a section where clients are introduced to delivery and pick-up options, it can be brought to the next level through online scheduling. Clients can directly schedule when they want their laundry to be picked up or delivered.

This also opens the door to online transactions. Clients can choose their payment options and even make payments through the platform. This will lessen the work for the business and have the transactions automated and streamlined.

Blog Page

As stated, we included a Blog Page so Elite Laundry Services can start posting blogs on their website. These blogs will help the website in many ways. First, this will increase the visibility of the site on search engines. This will enable the website to increase its authority and improve its SEO.

Website visitors are also provided with valuable information related to cleaning banquet linen and other laundry topics. As a result, this will allow visitors to explore the website more thus increasing user experience. These blogs will also become a marketing medium that aims to further convince the reader to get their services.

Website Maintenance

Launching the new Elite Laundry Services website is only the beginning. As time passes, the website will need maintenance to keep it running and updated. Software plug-ins will have to be updated and content should be added and revised.

Furthermore, other features will be added soon to increase user experience and reach more audiences. The design and layout may as well become out-of-date and will need a few modifications.