Where We Began

The Modamily website had all the essential elements: a logo, a Hero section, a blog section, and a header and footer. The design scheme was also a great choice. However, the lack of proper layout was the problem.

How Crafting Hand Fixed It

Since the majority of the problems revolved around small text, boring call-to-action, and unproportioned images, this is where the Crafting Hand team focused its efforts. They aimed for more significant text for parts of the website that need emphasis.

Images are now proportioned to the text size and use actual photos of the Modamily app and clients. They also added content that is more concise but attention-grabbing.

The Homepage

The navigation bar is now more prominent and more noticeable compared to the old website. They minimize the logo to just the image, removing the text.

They kept the Features Highlight section, but it now looks large. The Hero section now has more significant text overlaid on an image. They also added a picture of a phone which shows the Modamily app.

Modamily's services are now well-emphasized in multiple sections. They also showcased the company's marketing points, which will inform readers of what this business aims to do for them. Crafting Hand also added a Testimonial section to showcase Modamily's satisfied clients.

The website's footer also got an upgrade. Crafting Hand places a short description of what Modamily is. They also arrange the links under two main categories: Menu and Legal.

Now, visitors have an option to subscribe to a newsletter. Lastly, visitors can go to the footer to download the app and follow Modamily on social media.

The About Us Page

Crafting Hand kept the About Us page title but placed it on an image. They added the "Our Story" section and formatted it as a message from the CEO with larger text than before. They removed the FAQs section and replaced it with a timeline format of "How Modamily Works."

The Concierge Page

The Concierge Page is now the new Service Page. It highlights the different types of services Modamily offers. Crafting Hand designed it to be in sections with alternating image and text box alignment.

The new design highlights what differentiates them from their competitors and Modamliy's features. In addition, they improved the "Our Clients" section by using images instead of bullet points.