Modamily's Digital Platform for Modern Family Building


Modamily identified a unique niche in the modern family-building landscape. They aimed to create a digital platform that would connect individuals looking to start families, either through romantic relationships, co-parenting, or known donor relationships. The challenge was to design a website that was user-friendly, trustworthy, and effectively communicated the innovative concept of modern family building.


Approach & Execution:

To address the challenge, a comprehensive website was developed that emphasized Modamily's mission of empowering individuals by connecting them to a global inclusive community. The platform was designed to cater to various family-building needs, from those seeking romantic relationships leading to family to those looking for co-parenting or known donor relationships.

The website offers a clear pathway for users to explore their options, with dedicated sections for dating, co-parenting, and known sperm donors. It also introduces the Modamily Concierge service, a personal matchmaking service that assists users in finding the right co-parent or known sperm donor based on their criteria.

Testimonials were integrated to provide real-life success stories, building trust and credibility with potential users. The site also offers resources such as blogs and support, ensuring users are well-informed and supported in their journey.



The final website,, stands as a testament to the innovative approach to modern family building. It effectively communicates the various pathways available to individuals and offers a supportive community for those looking to start a family in non-traditional ways. The platform's success is evident in the growing community of users and the positive testimonials from those who have found their ideal family-building partner through Modamily.

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