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In a world where online presence is a must for businesses, entrepreneurs are finding ways to hook their audience through their websites. The most effective way to hook people to your website is to have an excellent website design.

Website designing also follows a trend which is why no website design should remain the same for a couple of years. Thus, people look for trending website design elements that they can integrate into their sites. 

In the year 2022, there are a lot of designs that have been snatching internet surfers’ attention. For today’s blog, we will show you our top 10 picks for website design trends in 2023.

Web Design Trend #1 - Interactive Designs

In the age of the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, websites are becoming more interactive. That is why in 2023, a lot of websites are going to be including interactive elements on their pages. 

Usually, website developers include some fun games and quizzes to make their website interactive. But this year, website designers are taking web designing to an interactive level. 

Most interactive designs are usually triggered through scrolling. There are several websites where when you scroll down, the design changes or morphs into another design or a button. 

This website design trend in 2023 can also be triggered by clicking, swiping, and even dragging elements. This type of design enables the curiosity of the users as they figure out what happens next when they trigger the design.

Interactive designs have retained most of the visitors’ attention and also help boost the webpage’s SEO ranking. This is mainly because of the decrease in bounce rate since visitors do not leave the website immediately. Furthermore, visitors are taken into a whole different experience compared to websites with just passive designs. 

Web Design Trend #2 - Scrollytelling

Storytelling has been an effective marketing technique that has always stood the test of time. That is why it is no wonder why website designers are incorporating storytelling into their website design.

Also known as Scrollytelling, web designers create a linear design that triggers a sequence of animated texts and multimedia content. This website design trend takes web visitors on a path that tells them a message.

Scrollytelling is a common design for the About Us page and the Our History Page. That is because these pages are often telling the story of how that particular organization came about and its milestone events. 

However, in 2023, this website design trend is now found on the homepage. Websites are now conveying the message of their brand through Scrollytelling. Some even open different story routes where users can view a more personalized story path that provides the answers to their query. 

Web Design Trend #3 - Design Inclusiveness

Inclusiveness is a very important social topic that is because it combats discrimination among races, genders, and disabilities. That is why most website design trends in 2023 are addressing this important issue.

An example of an inclusive website is having a screen narrator so blind visitors can hear what the web page contains. Another one that has been trending is the use of models from different races to feature in the website design. There are even models that are just human outlines to show the inclusiveness of races and genders

However, most of the inclusiveness of the design is seen in the text displayed on the website. Appropriate terms are taken into account especially if it pertains to gender communities and experiences and cultures of various races.

Inclusiveness of a website design boils down to the types of audience the website will have. Thus, the website owners should figure out who their target market is to know which inclusive design to use for their site. 

Web Design Trend #4 - Animated Text 

Animated text designs are indeed popular website design trends in 2023. They come down to three basic animation types: the Entrance, Emphasis, and Exit animations. Although these animation types had already been used a lot in the past, it now becomes a must in website designing.

Nowadays, animated text designs are incorporated in various ways apart from basic animations. There are website designs where the text changes into a different text or even an image. 

Some designers even use the text conveyor that we often see on news and finance websites, to company websites. Several websites take it to the next stage by having the texts move in a circular motion or follow a shaped path.

Web Design Trend #5 - Contrast Colors

Colors are an essential part of website designing which is why it is one of the first things that are taken into consideration. Most websites would opt for website design colors that are complementary. However, in 2023, contrasting colors are now the website design trend.

Contrast Colors have been a trend in media print from around the ’80s and the early ’90s. This old-style has become the new website design style because of its popping colors. 

This website design aims for vibrant colors that make the text pop from its background. It also integrates neon colors, multi-bordered shapes, and bright contrasts. 

Web Design Trend #6 - Return of the Retro

Speaking of Contrast Colors, website design trends in 2023 have seen the return of the retro style. Although this has been a style that was once extremely common decades ago, website designers are bringing it back. This is not only to bring nostalgia to the older generations but also to bring a blast from the past to the newer generation.

The elements of a retro style usually include those robotic fonts, bright contrasting colors, and visible table layouts. It also has some cartoon graphics that usually hold humor to it. 

Web Design Trend #7 - Hover Content

Another website design trend that has been appearing everywhere is the hover content. This design occurs when the cursor lingers at an item and a pop-up box appears containing more information about the item.

This is most commonly found on websites that include a listing of products and services. This website design prevents overcrowding of text on a website page. It also brings the information that the readers want to know at a glance without having to click the item.

Aside from text information, image information can also be included in the hover content. Furthermore, this website design delights the users visually as they scan through information with convenience. 

Web Design Trend #8 - The Memphis Design

In the last few years, minimalistic designs have taken control of the website design trends. However, these simple designs are now getting old. People are now looking for a website design that rejects this idea and that is the Memphis Design.

Although retro-style and the Memphis Design have similar components, the latter edges out in art appreciation. It uses graphics that are more smooth compared to the cartoonish retro style. Plus, it also uses images that are considered to be fine digital art pieces. 

Memphis Design is more on the adventurous side of website designing. It plays on different vibrant colors that are a mixture between contrasting and complementary. It also mixes professional text fonts with creative fonts.

Web Design Trend #9 - Typography Hero Section

The hero section is the part of the website page that is first seen when the page loads. Thus, every website designer carefully plots out this section since this can make or break the visitors’ attention.

The website design trends in 2023 showcase the use of typography in the hero section. Although the text is already present in the hero section for a long time, it still includes images as the main feature. Most of the time, the text is merely a complement to the image in the hero section.

However, in 2023, the text is the main part of the hero section. That is why website designers have been using eye-catching typography in this website’s section. Usually, they use a plain solid colored background so the text will pop in the design.

Designers also make use of text animations to further emphasize the typography hero section. Some just use one line for the typography while others lay out the text in different designs to make it more unique. 

Web Design Trend #10 - Bordered Design

When creating a website design, developers and designers follow grids to make sure that everything on the web page is aligned and structured accordingly. These grids only serve as guides that explain why they disappear once the website is live.

However, websites in 2023 have been trending the bordered design. This website design trend showcases visible borders on the website page. Visitors can see the division and the alignment of the components of the web page.

The great advantage of this website design is that it distinguishes the sections of each page. It organizes the text and images and prevents overcrowding of content. It also makes it easier for visitors to scan through the page.

What do you want your website to look like in 2023?

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