4 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation!

Apr 24, 2020 3:16:34 PM | 4 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Generation!

Generating leads is a key function when investing in a website. One of the biggest challenges my clients face is the process of turning a website visitor into a lead. You will have to use a combination of SEO practices & tactics to rank higher in the search engine. The more techniques you use simultaneously, the more impressive your results are likely to be. 

Understanding The Lead-Generation Process

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Before we get into how to increase your leads, you will need to understand precisely how lead generation occurs. All lead generation entails the following interacting components:

  • A prospect (site visitor) 
  • Your website
  • Your call-to-action 
  • Your landing page 

To become a lead, a visitor will have to navigate through your website to access its content. They will then have to click on a call-to-action (usually located at the bottom of posts), which will land them on a page designed to gather information about them. Once they have submitted their contact information — which you will generally use to send them a newsletter or information about new posts or offers they may find interesting — they have officially become a lead.

Here’s how to make this happen. 

1. Incorporating Personal Information Forms on Traffic-driving Pages 

Pages usually earn visitors from email marketing, social media campaigns, live chats with customer service representatives, and high-performing blog posts. Before you can add the necessary forms, you will want to complete an audit to access your most engaging tool. You can use an analytics tool to establish where the bulk of the leads are coming from, and with the help of your developer, update these pages to feature contact information forms. These forms can propose longer-form content consistent with the kind visitors favor, sent directly to their email inboxes.

2. Compare Landing Pages Conversion Rates 

When it comes to digital marketing, the conversion rate is much more important than the amount of traffic. Consider the landing pages that are doing better than other ones and compare their performances. For instance, if a page earns 10,000 visits every month, and leads to 1000 people filling the contact form, its conversion rate is 10%. If, on the other hand, another page only earns 5,000 visits every month, but also leads to 1000 people providing their contact details, its conversion rate is 20%. You can use a tool such as Web grader to find out what is causing the second page's superior performance. You will also need to use your knowledge of SEO theory to assess how that page manages to engage and convince better.

3. Keeping Your Offers Consistent With Visitor Interests 

It can be tempting to incorporate filler-text in highly performing blog posts to generate more leads for different services. However, a post about “10 Delicious Low-Calorie Pasta Recipes” cannot have a call-to-action landing visitors on a page for birthday-cake orders, or a special offer on barbecue grills. Instead, your content will have to be optimized every step of the way, with each component of the lead-seeking process being closely relevant to your initial post, and the keywords which earned its page traffic.

4. Your Homepage Will Need A CTA

A website's design alone can sometimes be enough to grasp a visitor's attention. A Webfx study found that web design alone accounts for 94% of visitors' first impressions. Strong web design is likely to earn visitor interest; therefore, it is essential to use this opportunity with a call-to-action. Your call-to-action can be placed at the bottom of the page, and lead to a contact-filling form on a different page.  

A Concluding Note 

Lead generation is simple. However, doing it right requires both experience and expertise. Check out  our ebook, "6 Steps to Selling Your High Ticket Product Online" for a six step guide on how to up your lead Generation game.

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