Top Tips for an Engaging Instagram Live that Organically Grows Your Audience

May 10, 2020 12:00:00 AM | Social Media Top Tips for an Engaging Instagram Live that Organically Grows Your Audience

Does going live on Instagram scare you?! The thought of going live on Instagram used to freak me out but, the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with my audience intrigued me! It's time to embrace the vulnerability piece of going live because this small addition to your content strategy can massively grow your impact! Did you know that 80% of a brand's audience would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog, and 82% prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

Going live on Instagram can drive up your engagement organically and grow your brand’s visibility. It helps you interact and connect with your audience on a personal level. It's time to take your Instagram live virginity!

7 Tips to Host A Successful Instagram Live

1. Promote your Upcoming Instagram Live

Promoting your upcoming live will spike anticipation! Before going live, ensure you promote it, complete with time and date on your social media platforms so you can maximize your views and impact. You can do this by posting about it on your social media pages or sending emails to your email list. If you are having guests during the session, create a simple IG story using Canva for them to share with their audience as well, so they know to tune in! Share that you will be going live 1-2 days before and 1 hour before you go live. This gives your audience a chance to mark their calendar and share with a friend!

2. Ask Your Audience What They Want to See from You

A few days before you go live, ask your audience directly what they want to see. This makes your audience feel seen and creates anticipation and excitement for what you will be covering in your live. Use the interactive question feature within you IG story and ask if they have any specific questions or want to go over anything in particular. Save their thoughts and make sure to cover them during your live.

Ask me a question feature on Instagram

3. Identify the Best Time

Identify when most of your audience is active online and schedule your live stream around this time.  Instagram Insights can help you with historical data on when your followers are most active in terms of the day of the week and time. By studying the behavior of your followers, you can schedule your live broadcast at the time they are most active. If you consistently go live at a specific time, your followers will catch up and anticipate your live, making your Instagram live a success!

4. Invite a Friend, Client or Super Fan

This is a great way to break the ice when you begin your Instagram Live journey. I highly recommend you do this! It will create a sense of comfort and ease you into the experience. Choose someone who is engaging and has value to offer your audience. This also can double the number of viewers.

5. Set Clear Intentions

Focus on being authentic and vulnerable, your audience will notice the energy you present. Have a clear focus of what you want to share and how you want to entertain your audience.

6. Invest in a Ring Light

I love feeling confident and prepared when going live! To free up your hands and to improve the quality of your live, I highly recommend using a ring light. The ring light can hold your phone so that you are not moving around or shaking. It also creates an appealing light, so that you are glowing!

7. Engage Your Audience

As people enter your live, say Hello! If you genuinely engage with your viewers, this can convert someone who was just a follower to a super fan. Answer their questions and thank them for being there! This will keep them coming back again and again.

Now it's time to go live, but what will you talk about?!

1. Answer Questions

Host a live Q&A with your audience! This can revolve around a specific topic or ask me anything style. Your audience will enjoy getting to know you and learning about your journey.

2. Share A Behind the Scenes Look

Instagram live is the perfect tool for showing your audience behind the scenes. Walk your audience through your morning routine or share footage from your live event! This will make your audience feel more connected to you.

3. Launch A New Product

Pump up your audience and tell them about your NEW PRODUCT! Share why they might need this and what this product will do for them! Walk them from where they are to where they will be (ideal outcome). You never know who they will share this with.

4. Do A Tutorial

Share a tutorial related to your product or service. Think about what your audience would like to see from you on Live. Example: if you're a nutrition coach, I suggest going live and sharing your go-to breakfast recipe.

Start implementing these tips into your next Instagram Live and notice: you will become more comfortable, confident and engaging each time you go LIVE! Make IG live your new best friend.

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