4 Things Todo Each Month To Convert More Website Traffic

May 10, 2020 3:20:35 PM | 4 Things Todo Each Month To Convert More Website Traffic

It is essential to update your website every month to keep it safe, fast,  and relevant. Businesses should seek to keep up with the latest trends in web design, which can change daily. This does not only save you money but helps you grow your revenue. When your website is safe, fast,  and relevant it will convert more hi-quality leads and that will lead to larger and larger revenues. When building a website for business keep the structure in mind. Make sure you build the base Foundation first starting with  security and work your way up towards conversion at the top

Website Conversion Foundation

Keeping it Safe and Secure

The trend of hacking websites is becoming more common every day. Hackers usually target sensitive information, like social security and credit card numbers, but other times they hold small websites captive, by changing the contents of the website to things like sketchy drug stores and porn sites. In this case, the hacker’s objective is to hold your website and brand reputations captive as a Ransom. 

Falling victim to cybercriminals destroys the credibility of your business and drives your active and potential customers away. 

If you don’t know how to keep your website safe you should reach out to a website or IT professional to make sure you’re keeping hackers out, before you're the next hacked company. 

The Fast and furious Website Speed

The two things business owners need to know about website speed are one, you'll get more visitors, and two, more visitors are likely to buy on your site.   Let's talk about the first,  you'll get more visitors with a faster website. Why is that you may be asking?  The answer is simple Google likes sites that load faster because their users like sites to load faster. As a result, Google rewards companies whose websites load faster by giving them a boost and search rankings.  

Need more credibility here's a link from Google stating just this.

The second reason is pretty simple, “people don't like to wait”.  If they have to wait even 3 seconds they are likely to leave out of annoyance. 




Just like the guy waiting on the snail above, the driver becomes annoyed and eventually leaves for something else.  If they leave your website that means they won't buy. So it's in your best interest to keep your website loading fast.

Usability or loss of business 

A usable website is the next building block required to have a website that converts quality leads.  The last thing you want is to use difficult navigation and conflicting colors on your site. You should also avoid long customer contact forms that are too tedious to fill up. Also, avoid outdated themes and research on the latest technologies and trends to improve the functionality and overall design of your website.

The most common example is a website that does not work on a phone or tablet, and there are many more.  However, for the sake of simplicity lets talk about why a non-mobile-optimized website is bad for business.  The answer is simple. Your website visitors can't buy I'm your website and you've tarnished the brand with a bad buying experience.

Traffic, from content and sales 

You need to not only grab a visitor’s attention by the usability of your site but also by the information conveyed by your content. Updating content regularly not only helps visitors regard you as a site that is connected to the latest trends but also enables you to achieve domain authority. This is how much your website is an authority on a specific topic. For example, a site like Mayo Clinic is considered an authority on health-related topics. Google considers a site's domain authority when trying to match a user's search inquiries with relevant information.

When it comes to updating content, keyword content strategy is essential. For example, if you deal with cleaning services, this keyword should feature in your content. You should also use city-specific keywords so that you are easily found in particular city markets. For example, cleaning services NY helps you feature in a search for cleaning services in New York.

Do it every month or feel the hurt

Experts recommend updating your website regularly. The main elements of updating your website are security, speed, usability,  and content. Updating your website helps avoid security breaches and helps drive new traffic to your site while retaining current traffic. It also helps you remain relevant and connected to the latest trends. Keeping your site up to date also ensures you reach your target market. Therefore, remember to update your website once a month with everything we mentioned above.  If this feels overwhelming,  chances are you might need some help.  Please reach out to us for a free website consultation to go over these basics and even more ways to grow the leads that come from your website.

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