How to attract more visitors to your website? Use more Free Resources.

May 24, 2022 8:24:17 PM | SEO How to attract more visitors to your website? Use more Free Resources.

How to attract more visitors to your website? Use more Free Resources.

If you have a website, there is nothing you want more than having lots of people visiting it. However, with millions of websites on the Internet, it is not easy to stand out, especially if your website is relatively new. How to attract more visitors to your website? There are several solutions to drive people to your page and one of them is putting free resources on your website.

What are Free Website Resources?

Free website resources are any digital, or even physical, products or services that you can offer to your website customers without any fees. These resources are expected to bring value to the users and will help them with their problems. 

It is also anticipated that these resources will bring in more traffic to your website. Also, these freebies will build good and long-term relationships between you and your customers.

How does a website benefit from free resources?

As mentioned earlier, it is anticipated that if you offer free resources on your website, you will drive more people to visit the site. This section will further clarify how free resources equate to more website visits. 

It will also dive into more benefits brought about by simply including something free and valuable on your website. Read through the five free website resource benefits below.Crafting Hand Websites Florida

#1 - Drives more traffic to your website

Have you ever come across a social media post that not only says it has the solutions to your problems, but will also give you something for free by doing something simple? If so, how many times have you been clicking posts like that? 

A free item can entice anyone to be curious and check what it is all about. That is the same with free resources on your website. If people see that you are offering a free ebook or a course that will help them with their problems, your posts or ads will get clicks. As a result, more traffic will be added to your website. 

#2- Builds website reputation

Let’s say a customer clicks your post or ad that promised a free ebook only if they signed up for the newsletter. When the customer got the ebook and read it, he was very happy because it gave him helpful tips on how to deal with the problem he has. 

In the scenario above, it is a predictable outcome that the customer will now consider your website reliable. If he even shares this information with others, more and more people will also see how reputable your website is.more website visitors

#3 - Improves SEO ranking

Now that a lot more people are considering your website to be reputable because of your free resources, this will have a great effect on your SEO ranking. There are two ways the SEO ranking is affected with the help of your free website resources.

The first one is getting more backlinks. A backlink is what you call a link that goes to your website. This link is often placed on another website or blog. The more backlinks your website has, the more authority it gains which equates to a higher ranking on search engines.

The second way that free resources affect your SEO ranking is through keywords. You can place keywords on your free resources that make them searchable. 

A lot of people go on search engines to look for free things that can help them. If you place the right keywords, you can get people to visit your website to obtain your freebie. 

#4 - Convinces customers to take action

Let’s say you offer a free ebook to every customer when they sign up for your newsletter. This customer benefited a lot from the free ebook. In the ebook, you kept mentioning a paid service you offer that is the next step after reading it.

If the customer valued what you gave them for free, they will likely check out what you can offer them with charge. They are thinking that if you can give them something great for free, how much more will be given to them if they pay you. 

#5 - Encourages customers to keep coming back

If your audience likes the free resources that you have given them, you not only gain a customer but also build trust. Moreover, that trust doesn’t end in one purchase of a product or service. This can result in repeat transactions that you can maintain for a long time. 

Examples of Free Website Resources

So far, ebooks were mentioned a few times as a free resource that you can add to your website. However, that is not the only free website resource that you can offer to your audience. Here are more examples of free resources for your websites. 

Access to Blogs

Ebooks are great website resources but they can be time-consuming to read. Most people want the answers to their problems immediately. Thus, a great suggestion is to include blogs on your website.

A blog or article section on your website is extremely helpful. It not only provides fast and consumable information to your audience. But it also helps drive more traffic, build up backlinks, and improve the website’s SEO ranking fast. 

Online Courses

If you are looking for an upgrade from a free ebook resource, you can try creating a free course. Compared to ebooks, online courses are more hands-on. In addition, a lot of people learn more when they hear experts teach about certain topics. 

Creating an online course can be a lot of effort and that is greatly felt if you think about giving it away for free. Nevertheless, it is still a valuable website resource that will convert your audience into paying customers. 

Free Consultations

Aside from digital products, you can also offer free services to your website visitors. A great example is offering consultations. These consultations should be related to the product or service offered on your website. 

Here at Crafting Hand, we provide a free website audit consultation. Through this free service, we can give our assessment on your website and give suggestions on how to make it more attention-grabbing. 

As you can see, through a free consultation, you will be able to showcase your expertise. This is also a great opportunity for you to pitch in your services or products that will further help your client in what they need. 

Online Tests

Let’s say your website provides self-help services so people can be more productive in their lives. A free resource that you can offer your target market is a free personality test. This test will make your clients self-aware of their personalities and how this affects their productivity. 

Furthermore, online tests are interactive which guarantees engagement among your audience. This is most helpful in not only getting more website visitors but also making them stay longer on the website, which helps in SEO ranking. 


Giving physical gifts or giveaways to your audience may sound like something old-fashioned and expensive. However, the impact it provides is still unmatched despite the many no-expense website resources. 

If your customer buys a product or avails a service, it is a great deal if you can add something free to their purchases. This gesture is very memorable to a buyer especially if the gift is useful to them. Thus, they are likely to think of your website first whenever they need products or services that you provide. 

Do you want to attract more visitors to your website? Add Free Resources.

It is a tight competition out here on the world wide web. Thus, as a website owner, you should find ways to stand out by making use of free resources. It may cost effort and money to provide these free website resources. However, the website traffic and audience conversion it gives is a hundred times more valuable.

If you are looking for more tips on how to make your website more attention-grabbing, read more of our blogs here at SPYCE Media. Are you looking for a more technical solution to make your website stand out from your competition? Let chat about it over a short call!

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