Why having a Linktree means you need a better website?

May 16, 2022 12:35:27 PM | Why having a Linktree means you need a better website?

Why having Linktree means you need a better website?

Presence on the world wide web has become of great importance in this day and age. That is because almost everyone has access to the internet.

To take advantage of this online market, businesses create their online presence through various web platforms. But since people look for easy-to-use and low-cost or free software programs, they, including yourself, may have stumbled upon Linktree.

What is Linktree?

For those who are not yet familiar with this tool, Linktree allows several links to be attached on social media platforms without looking messy. This is seen as a great way to drive traffic to any online platform a brand or business has.

Linktree creates a landing page where users can customize and include their links. These links can be the link to their other social media profiles, their blogs, Youtube channel, website, podcast, and so on.

If you use a free account, you are allowed to limitlessly embed your links. You can also customize its design through the built-in templates. There are also some graphic notes like a “Thank You” note that you can send to your followers.

Furthermore, the free account has a feature where users can receive payments from their followers. However, this is mainly used to get donations for your content. This is not to be used as a payment method for buying and selling.


The paid Linktree account has more customization freedom so you can tailor your page according to your company’s brand. Videos and animated backgrounds can now be added to the Linktree landing page. You can also put animatic styling to your links to make them more attractive.

Moreover, a paid Linktree account can be linked to Google Analytics. Although the free version has analytic tools, the paid one will allow you to get an in-depth report of the engagements and traffic the landing page produced.

Why is Linktree Popular?

The main reason why Linktree became so popular is because of Instagram. As we all know, Instagram doesn’t allow users to include links on their posts.

Links can only be added in the Instagram Story, which is only up for 24 hours before being archived. Moreover, only one link can be added to the bio description section of your Instagram profile.

Thus, with the help of Linktree, you can add the landing page link to your bio. When your followers click on it, they will be directed to a page where they can access more of your content.

Aside from Instagram, people have been including Linktree on their other social media profiles. Several people used the Linktree landing page as an alternative to a website. After all, Linktree landing pages have features that function similarly to websites.

Should I use Linktree Instead of a Website?

The answer is NO. Although Linktree can be a cheap and fast alternative to a website, it will still not provide the greater results that having a website can. Technically, you can DIY your Linktree landing page through a website. Then, you can include the link of that web page to your Instagram or other social media bios.

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Why You Should not use Linktree?

Linktree is a good tool and its concept and purpose are well-thought-out. However, it is not for everybody, especially for businesses who want to scale their online presence to a higher degree. Here are five reasons why you should not use Linktree.

#1 - Linktree is Not Good for SEO Ranking

The reason why Linktree is not good for your brand’s SEO is that it negatively affects your search engine ranking. Let’s say you placed a Linktree on your Instagram bio. Your 1000 followers will see it and click it.

The traffic that your 1000 followers produced will not be counted on your website’s or social media profile’s SEO. It will be counted to Linktree’s domain since the landing pages are created in this domain.

Furthermore, not all 1000 followers will proceed to the links that are posted on the landing page as some may leave. Thus, the active engagements have already decreased before they even reach your other content.

#2 - It’s Too Many Clicks

One thing that you always keep in mind is that online users do not like clicking too much. Imagine if you want to sign up for someone’s newsletter through Instagram.

Before you can even reach the space where you can input your email and send it, you have gone through a few pages. Some even give up after three clicks thus more lost engagements.

Seeing this problem, Linktree fixed this by allowing users to embed their email platforms like Mailchimp. They did the same to other platforms to lessen the clicking. However, you will need to avail the paid version to access these Linktree features.

#3 - Instagram taking notice of Linktree

Since Linktree was made popular because of Instagram, it is no surprise that the said social media platform has already known about this. Many Linktree users have noticed that Instagram has been flagging their Linktree links as spam. As a result, their followers could not click the link.

#4 - Branding can be Affected

Like all free website programs, the free Linktree account includes its branding. To most customers, having a different brand incorporated into your brand is not legit looking. Thus, some customers lose interest when they get redirected to a free Linktree landing page seo.

link tree branding

#5 - A Website Can Do Better

Why do you need to use Linktree when your website can do even better? All the features of Linktree can be provided by a website from its free version to the paid one without additional cost.

Furthermore, you can creatively customize the links in a way that looks more professional and engaging. Do you want a professional website? Contact us here!

Why you need a better website instead of Linktree?

Linktree can only do this much but a website can do more. Here are great reasons why you need a better website than a Linktree landing page.

#1 - Professional Personalized Design

A website can be personalized without restrictions, especially if you will hire a website agency to make it for you. You can even have it designed the way you want your website to be. Even if you opt to do it yourself using drag-and-drop web builders, you will still have room for a lot of customization.

#2 - High SEO Ranking

In line with what was mentioned earlier, placing the link to your website on your bio is still the best option. This is especially in terms of getting a higher SEO ranking. All the traffic from your social media will be credited to your website thus no engagement will go to waste.

#3 - Analytics Tools in One Place

Linktree boasts its comprehensive analytics tool, especially the paid one that allows you to link your Google Analytics, but guess what? Websites have them too and even better. The best part is that you can just use Google Analytics for all the traffic monitoring you do.

#4 - Insert Unlimited Links Creatively

The main purpose of Linktree is so you can have all your links in one place. Websites can do that too and even look more professional. On website pages, you can hyperlink images, buttons, videos, and all sorts of media. You can make the links more attractive which will guarantee clicks.

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This is not to say that you should never use Linktree. This software still has a lot of benefits and can still produce the results you are looking for. However, you should not think that this is a better alternative to a website. A website is still the most professional and persuasive online presence your business can have.



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