Top 5 Instagram Content Ideas That Convert Followers Into Super Fans

May 28, 2020 12:00:00 AM | Social Media Top 5 Instagram Content Ideas That Convert Followers Into Super Fans

Leveraging social media to grow your online business is powerful and proven! Just two months ago, I fully launched my Social Media Coaching Business and scaled my business full time, by leveraging social media. Since launching, I have brought on 10 new students who are fully scaling their businesses through social media, with less than 1k followers! Truth is, 60% of millennial consumers expect a consistent brand across all channels.

There are over 200 million active monthly users, Instagram is a key FREE marketing opportunity to scale your business from a side hustle to your full-time role. More importantly, the engagement levels on Instagram are 15 to 20 times higher than Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes, the most challenging part of growing an audience on Instagram and showing up consistently!

Are you struggling to come up with engaging content for your Instagram?

Here are my top 5 engaging content ideas that always work!

1. Share Quick Tips

When it comes to Instagram post ideas, posting quick tips about your expertise is always very engaging!

Focus on offering practical and straightforward tips that are easy to follow and implement. Depending on your audience, identify some of the challenges that they face regularly, and find helpful solutions for them.

The goal of free tips is to address the WHY and WHAT, but not the HOW. Tips offer your audience a ton of free value and this establishes your expertise within your niche. A great way to share your tips on Instagram is through a carousel swipe left, style post!

2. Call Out Common Mistakes

In every industry, there are often a few misconceptions or mistakes that are inefficient and do not cause growth. Posting about these mistakes is a key way to grab your audiences' attention and create an ah hah moment for your audience. Often posts like this, open their eyes to a whole new realization and people will engage by commenting or DMing you directly. It's also super value because you are likely going to save them tons of time!

People and businesses are actively trying to improve and become more efficient. By pointing out the mistakes that are holding them back, they will be keen to follow your page for more posts like this. In the process, you can slowly build them into loyal super fans.

3. Share Your Journey of Transformation

Authentic and real content is the most valuable content there is because people relate to people. 80% of readers think authentic content is the main factor that will drive them to follow or engage with a brand! This is why it is so important to document your journey! For many people, sharing vulnerable videos and posts is scary because you don't know how people will react.

Share your story of growth and the challenges you overcame and watch as people begin to engage on a deeper level! This will not only make you more relatable but also inspire and build a special connection which will manifest into a strong community. Let's be real, a strong community is so much more valuable than a large audience of dead followers.

This is an example of recent transformation post where I share ALL of the lessons I have learned in the past few years!

4. Share Your Lessons Throughout Life

In life, I have always been a firm believer that each of us is here on Earth to undergo different lessons at different moments in life. So that, one day when you cross paths with someone they can help you with lessons they've learned and you can help them! This is why I am so passionate about connecting with human's on a mission to create a positive impact!

Sharing your lessons with your audience is super engaging. In all the content you push out, I always suggest posting saveable and shareable content. Sharing vulnerable lessons generates a deep trust with your audience.

5. Vulnerable In the Moment Posts

You know those moments, where you just feel off! These are excellent moments to share with your audience because it opens up a whole new side of you, that your audience probably never sees. If you ever just don't feel like posting or are uncertain what to post, tell your audience that. We are human and I guarantee they will 100% relate to you.

If you are struggling with anxiety or just feeling down, share that. Your audience will pour into you and they will appreciate your honesty! Being real is beautiful and being real needs to be celebrated!

Let's Grow Together!

These 5 content ideas are my go-to strategies when it comes to posting on social media. I hope these ideas allow you to show up for your audience more consistently and vulnerably.

On a mission to provide impact on social media, but unsure how? Schedule a call today and let's just CONNECT, you never ever know where it can lead to!

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- Carly Zimbone